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We have a passion for commercialisation and believe the key to a successful partnership is getting to know the people behind the ideas. Our office is always open for a conversation. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee...

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At Innova Partnerships we aim to demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics. This means:

We respect all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas

We will be honest and open in our communications and transactions

We listen to others for understanding and assume positive intent



People are our most valuable asset and an openness and willingness to collaborate are our prerequisites for growth. This means:

Our innovation is open: participation is welcomed from all. We love a good whiteboard!

We collaborate towards our vision to help people live longer, healthier more active lives

We always think globally, seeking the best people and opportunities, wherever they may be



Innovation is core to what we do. It's even in our name (kind of!) We like our innovation and business models with a splash of disruption. This means:

We seek out game-changing technologies and strive to understand and define new markets

Our team will invest time in understanding new business models and innovation practices

'The way it has always been done' will never be our default position

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Building and growing global life science and healthcare companies is what we do, delivering sustainable enterprises, not just paperwork. This means:

We will signpost opportunities, people and resources that add value to our clients

We will offer practical, pragmatic support; in short, we get involved

We will think and act entrepreneurially, attuned to the challenges of growing a business



Quality is an expression of our goal to offer reliable products and services. In all aspects of our operations the focus shall be on customers' needs and expectations. This means:

We welcome open and honest feedback on our work

We will always focus on customer/user needs, ensuring that our work delivers real value

We will all be accountable to our Company values and strive to use them in everything that we do

Our Team

Managing Director

Dr Andy McNair


Dennis MacPhail

Chief Operating Officer

Joanne Hagerty

Director of Business Development

Dr Paul Meakin

Director of Sales

Kevin Wilson

Director of Corporate Legal

Catherine Feechan

Executive Assistant

Isobel Howell


Steve Howell