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Growing a successful life science business is hard. For over a decade we have delivered projects and supported a variety of business ventures and have learned a lot along the way. Here are the most common challenges we can help you overcome:


Market Research (a case study ...)

You can never know your customers well enough.  What problems do they face that you can help them with?  We have undertaken many market research projects to help provide customer insight that directs your R&D and commercial path.  


Innovation Assessment (a case study ...)

Innovation is at the heart of any growing business.  Typically we see growing businesses that have too much opportunity.  How do you focus when you are in the thick of it?  Through our innovation division we have helped over three hundred organisations assess their innovation pipeline and focus resource to scale.  


Creating Intellectual Asset Value (a case study ...)

You have a wealth of intellectual assets.  How do you maximise what you have and build value?  We help by undertaking patent portfolio assessments using an award winning propriety tool "PatentVector" TM.  With this we can; value your IP portfolio, identify partners with complimentary IP and white space opportunities.  We are also able to support in/out licensing to build your portfolio.  


Finding Talent (a case study ...)

A challenge for growing businesses is to increase the bandwidth of your organisation.  Using our extensive network, we can help you find the right person at the right time - from bench to boardroom.


Raising Finance (a case study ...)

Sometimes growing a business requires hard cash. Over the last decade we have helped many companies raise a total of over £110m.  With our network of partners we can open doors to provide you with a range of financial services from securing equity and corporate finance, non dilutive grant funding and R&D tax credits.


Business Development and Sales Support

Early revenue from new product launches are what all businesses crave.  We help identify and build relationships with strategic partners and can also provide on the ground support for you and your sales team.  


Creating & Capturing Value For Exit (a case study ...)

Value in businesses is built up in many different ways. Typically these are through your order book, the IP held within the business and strategic contracts you hold, amongst others.  In positioning a business for exit, it is important to maximise captured value.  We have helped position a number of businesses for exit and would be happy to speak to you about your own requirements.