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Innova Partnerships Become Pivotal Scientific Network Sponsor

Jul 21, 2016

Innova Partnerships today announce the launch of a new partnership with Pivotal Scientific. Pivotal Scientific Ltd (PSL) is the world leading biotechnology consultancy that works specifically with research reagent manufacturers – manufacturers of antibodies, proteins, ELISA/assay kits and tools for molecular biology.

With a range of clients and research expertise in this area, Innova Partnerships will work with Pivotal Scientific to identify and help more companies access global markets with their products.  As a network sponsor, Innova will also offer commercialisation and research support to companies within the Pivotal Scientific Network, in particular those in the diagnostics sector.

CEO Prof Steve Howell commented, "Innova Partnerships builds and grows innovative life science companies. In Pivotal Scientific we have found a partner with strong synergies who have a very strong network and expertise in the research reagent sector. We look forward to helping them grow the strength and reach of this network through our support and services".

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