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Innova Partnerships Support Mologic Set Up COVID-19 Test Manufacturing Facility

Apr 27, 2020

Innova Partnerships is pleased to announce that it is supporting Mologic Ltd with the set up of its manufacturing facility that will have the capacity to produce up to 40 million tests per year in Bedfordshire, UK.


Dr Paul Meakin, Innova’s Director of Business Development, who has a long standing background in rapid diagnostic device commercialisation, will be working with the team at Mologic to set up manufacturing operations.

The facility has been incorporated as an independent, sustainable social enterprise, under the name of "Global Access Diagnostics", with a commitment to deliver diagnostics at a fair price, to both national and international markets.

The expansion is supported by the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), a global non-profit foundation, dedicated to diagnostics for global health. It follows Mologic’s development of consistently high quality, independently verified diagnostic products, including ELISA laboratory tests and rapid diagnostic tests for diseases such as COVID-19 and Ebola.

The first products to be manufactured in the facility will be rapid diagnostic tests for COVID-19, as part of Mologic’s commitment to support the global pandemic response.

The new facility will be operational within eight weeks, enabling the company to produce up to 40 million tests per year, scaling from the existing manufacturing capability.

Global Access Diagnostics will also become a training facility for partners in low-income countries and regions that are currently poorly served by diagnostics provision. The facility will also look to support the establishment of manufacturing partnerships within low-income countries dedicated to serving the specific diagnostic needs of their people and regions.

This work to improve access to high quality diagnostics in countries with less robust health systems builds on Mologic’s existing partnership with the Institut Pasteur de Dakar in Senegal, who have started to manufacture the Dengue test at diaTROPiX, a flagship manufacturing facility in Senegal, ahead of the COVID-19 diagnostic in early May.


Prof Steve Howell, Founder, Innova Partnerships“Of all the projects and companies we have supported since we set up in 2006 this was one we could not turn down. The timely opening of the manufacturing facility will enable the production of a much needed COVID-19 test to help combat the current global pandemic. We are delighted to be doing our small part in this effort".   

Mark Davis, CEO, Mologic“This new facility is an exciting development in Mologic’s efforts to improve access to quality diagnostics in low-income setting and to support the global pandemic response in the UK, Africa and throughout the world. We are thankful to the many donors and investors who believe in our mission to make diagnostics affordable and accessible for all.”