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Aside from our conventional advisory service, we understand the value in creating strategic partnerships to build successful life science start-ups. Through sweat equity and seed investment we share the journey with you to forge a flexible working relationship that suits you best. Explore our range of portfolio companies that currently benefit from this innovative approach.


Innova Biosciences Acquired by SYGNIS AG in 2017

Innova Biosciences develops products for life science companies. It has over 400 products sold world wide including its patented Lightening-Link™ rapid conjugation kits for labelling.  We supported all aspects of their growth journey and then led the exit to Sygnis AG valued at just under €15m.


Imhanz Acquired by Mohn Aqua Group in 2015

Imhanz are developing a key platform technology in image management and processing and will be capable of deployment in a wide range of applications. We founded then helped Imhanz exit as a trade sale to Norwegian based Mohn Aqua Group in 2015.



Developing high sensitivity diagnostic sensors for livestock infectious diseases.


Crucible Medtech

Crucible Medtech is aiding commercial development of medical devices from public sector organisations.


Cuillin Medical

Developing novel cataract diagnostics and treatments for patients across the world.



Developing next generation treatments for canine and human cancer.  


Patent Vector

PatentVector™ allows the determination of the importance of any patent and offers an objective approach to calculating patent value.  



RelayMed™ is designing cloud-based software services designed to relay point-of-care (POCT) data from medical devices to the electronic health record (EHR) securely, efficiently and simply. Building systems for healthcare professionals to improve operational compliance and efficiency.



Reminova aims to improve global dental health through innovative solutions for caries prevention, treatment and management. Using patented re-mineralisation techniques, Reminova provides patients with pain-free tooth enamel repairs.


Sygnis AG

SYGNIS AG produce products that are used by laboratories across the world.



Vitamica is developing diagnostics to screen for antibiotic resistance.  This will open up applications for personalised medicine and should help stem the overuse of antibiotics.